Wing Chun vs Boxing (Challenge Match)

One of the most intriguing things about martial arts, throughout the history of martial arts, are style versus style challenge matches. We were all intrigued by the first UFCs which pitted Karatekas against Wrestlers, Judo against Boxing, Kung Fu against Kickboxing, etc etc. Which was the deadliest art? Who were the toughest fighters? Ninjas? Shaolin monks? Muay Thai boxers?

Fast forward to 2013, the subject of style vs style is just as interesting as it was in 1993 (UFC 1), although much more predictable. The following youtube video is from 2010, of a Hong Kong challenge match between a Boxer and a Wing Chun practitioner.  In Hong Kong, Wing Chun is the most popular martial art of Chinese origin, thanks to the Bruce Lee connection. Boxing is generally looked down upon by Wing Chun peeps who claim that their direct straight punches are faster and superior to the hooks and looping punches of Western Boxing. Supposedly, the Wing Chun guy called out the boxer and the boxer accepted, and this is what ensued.

What do you think?



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